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The administrator is tasked with migrating three servers:- One application server with a dual-core 3.2GHz processor that reaches 50% CPU utilization at peak time.- Two web servers, each with a dual-core 3.2GHz processor, both reaching 70% CPU utilization at peak time.Currently, the administrator only has two hosts available, so resources will need to be set for the new VMs. Each host has two 2.4GHz quad-core processors. One host is already near maximum capacity, and the second host is at 30% CPU utilization. Which of the following would be the BEST minimum CPU resources set on the second host for the new VMs? A.    1,600 MHz for the application server and 2,300 MHz for each web server.B.    3,300 MHz for the application server and 4,600 MHz for each web server.C.    3,300 MHz for the application server and 5,250 MHz for each web server.D.    5,250 MHz for the application server and 7,080 MHZ for each web server. Answer: A QUESTION 103Which of the following can be used to assign priority to specific network traffic? A.    Load balancingB.    QoSC.    NIC teamingD.    Jumbo frames Answer: B QUESTION 104Which of the following server types would be an ideal candidate for virtualization? (Select two.) A.    HypervisorB.    Terminal serverC.    Mail serverD.    Enterprise database serverE.    Domain controller Answer: CD QUESTION 105Which of the following network topologies should an administrator use to segment traffic? A.    Metropolitan Area NetworksB.    Local Area NetworksC.    Virtual Local Area NetworksD.    Wide Area Networks Answer: C QUESTION 106A company is building a new server cluster to host applications for external clients. The company wants to ensure high availability and maximum throughput, and requests that the server administrators configure teamed interfaces on all servers in the cluster. In this scenario, a teamed interface refers to ____. A.    link aggregationB.    elasticity on demandC.    a TCP offload engineD.    resource pooling Answer: A QUESTION 107A company wants to be sure their cloud infrastructure is secure but fully available. To ensure this, the company wants to observe and be alerted in the event of a security breach, but chose a response for each alert. Which of the following solutions would meet these requirements? A.    XaaSB.    IDSC.    PaaSD.    IPS Answer: B QUESTION 108Which of the following should be implemented to ensure email continuity is not disrupted if one of multiple datacenters experiences an outage? A.    Geo-clusteringB.    Offsite backupC.    Local load balancingD.    Multipathing Answer: D QUESTION 109A cloud infrastructure function that can grow and shrink to meet peak demand requirements quickly is known as ____. A.    elasticityB.    federationC.    automationD.    caching Answer: A QUESTION 110A new server is connected to the fibre channel switch. In order to allow the server to see its allocated storage on the storage array, the administrator must configure the server's WWNN as a member. The server administrator is configuring which of the following? A.    ZoningB.    LUN maskingC.    SupernettingD.    VLAN tagging Answer: A QUESTION 111Every night a datacenter takes snapshots of each VM and backs them up to a tape which is shipped off to a disaster recovery site once a week. Which of the following can mitigate a security breach if the tapes were to fall out of the shipping vehicle during transport? A.    Transmission level encryptionB.    Transport layer encryptionC.    Hard drive encryptionD.    File level encryption Answer: C QUESTION 112An administrator, who operates a public cloud, has been tasked with implementing a secondary datacenter for failover purposes. Immediate replication has too much of an impact on the WAN link during production hours. Which of the following is the BEST option? A.    Asynchronous replicationB.    Storage deduplicationC.    Cold site failover with offsite archivingD.    Site mirroring Answer: A QUESTION 113Every quarter, technicians perform a UPS and generator test at the datacenter. During the test, the diesel generators did not function correctly resulting in a datacenter black out. After the engineers restore power, they quickly turn on each device and go home for the day. The next morning, clients start reporting they are not receiving email. After investigation, the engineers find that not all VMs are online and it is determined that some VMs did not start up in a correct sequence. Which of the following policies might need to be reviewed to help remediate the above scenario? A.    Monitoring policyB.    Change management policyC.    Service level agreement policyD.    Boot sequence policy Answer: B QUESTION 114Which of the following utilities would BEST help diagnose NAS mount points? A.    routeB.    pingC.    ifconfigD.    nfsstat Answer: C QUESTION 115Which of the following is the BEST process to provide data access control to only the hosts authorized to access the LUN? A.    RAID MaskingB.    LUN MaskingC.    RAID MirroringD.    LUN Binding Answer: B QUESTION 116A storage appliance has lost all network access. Which of the following network access methods could a storage engineer use to investigate and correct the issue? A.    HTTPB.    Console portC.    RDPD.    SSH Answer: D QUESTION 117Which of the following reduces the amount of data that must be transmitted on a network by keeping a copy of recently transmitted data in memory? A.    LatencyB.    CompressionC.    CachingD.    Bandwidth Answer: C QUESTION 118An administrator needs to monitor server applications in the company's data center. Which of the following tools would the administrator need to accomplish this objective? A.    SMSB.    SMTPC.    IPMID.    SNMP Answer: C QUESTION 119Which of the following is commonly the MAIN concern in public cloud implementations? A.    SecurityB.    Flexible BillingC.    ScalabilityD.    Availability Answer: A QUESTION 120An organization is looking to implement an online web-based mail system to allow employees to access email while not on the network. The organization wants to have complete control over the servers and ... Which of the following should the organization implement? A.    Public cloudB.    Hybrid cloudC.    Off-premise hostingD.    On-premise hosting Answer: D Download the newest PassLeader CV0-002 dumps from now! 100% Pass Guarantee! CV0-002 PDF dumps & CV0-002 VCE dumps: (270 Q&As) (New Questions Are 100% Available and Wrong Answers Have Been Corrected! Free VCE simulator!) P.S. 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